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2 Tips for a Better Towing Experience

It is frustrating to have a vehicle break down while traveling on the road. Whether you have encountered a traffic accident or have a flat tire, it never feels good to be stranded on the road. However, you can help yourself as well as the towing company to assist you more efficiently, and make your towing experience much more pleasant by doing the following:

1. Be Highly Visible and Descriptive on the Location

You would definitely want to be visible and be located by the towing team easily. The towing staff has to locate you quickly so that they can provide efficient and immediate emergency service that you requested. When you provide detailed and descriptive information of your exact location, they will be able to find you faster compared to a vague and imprecise description of the location.

If you have any warning triangles, you may want to place them roughly about 100 yards near your vehicle. Whenever possible, park the vehicle in safe areas, and not hindering any oncoming traffic. If there is lighting available, try to get near it for better visibility for both the towing team and drivers on the road.

In addition, by giving more details and information on the location can be highly beneficial to you and the towing team. By providing the accurate names of the road or the locations of the mile marker, tow truck drivers will be able to locate you with relatively easily and thus a fast and smooth tow or roadside service can be ensured.

2. Provide Details Regarding Your Situation

While you may be annoyed and wants help to come fast, you need to give a clear picture to the towing teams the type of situation you are facing before their arrival. This is because towing staff can get themselves better prepared and equipped with the necessary tools and equipment they need to solve the possible issues you are facing.

As a matter of fact, when you furnish the details of the problems you are dealing with, the towing team will know what they will deal with in advance and perform their tasks faster and efficiently, which in turn help you relieve of the distress you are in much more quickly. On the other hand, when you provide nonspecific or inadequate information, the assistance team may have a tougher time trying to resolve the roadside issues, which will be both energy draining and time-consuming for both you and the tow truck drivers.

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